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Go in search for Santa Claus in an Arctic wonderland. Join a fun-filled day, in magical Lapland, on an exclusive experience for Newmarket Holidays customers.

Entirely and exclusively arranged by Newmarket Holidays, your Lapland experience is an opportunity to enjoy a day like no other. Race through the snowy wilderness on a high-powered snowmobile, and board a traditional sleigh pulled by some of Santa’s reindeer. Experience the thrill of an exhilarating husky-drawn sledge ride over the frozen ground and – the magical highlight of the day – wander down the secret path through the trees to the isolated house that is home to Santa Claus himself!

This wonderful day trip is full of wonder for children of all ages, and plays out in a truly authentic setting as our friendly Lappish hosts welcome you to their pristine homeland, and you discover an entirely different snow-white world.

Fly direct to Lapland on our specially chartered flight – the only 'Santa' flight into Pajala that day. Wrap up against the Arctic chill in the thermal garments that are supplied on arrival, and in no time at all you’ll be heading out into the snow to start your adventures.

Take time to enjoy the family fun of being in the snow for a day, perhaps helping an elf to build a snowman, throwing a few well-aimed snowballs or enjoying a toboggan ride.

The wonders of the day are all the more enjoyable for the fact that this is an exclusive experience for Newmarket Holidays, and because the friendly Lapps going out of their way to preserve the authentic, magical nature of the visit to their beautiful corner of the world.

Lapland Santa Experience Day Trip
A magical ride in a traditional reindeer-drawn sleigh - A trip through the snow on a dog-sled pulled by huskies - A thrilling ride on a snowmobile
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There’s little doubt that your Lapland Santa day break will be one unforgettable experience, full of unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that children and adults alike will treasure forever. Here are some of the things we have in store for a promised day full of activity from beginning to end.


Join us for the most exciting, most magical and – without doubt – most unforgettable festive day trip to Lapland.

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