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Douro River Cruises


Rising in Portugal's neighbour, Spain, the Douro marks the border between the two countries, then turns west to flow for 200 kilometres across Portugal before spilling into the Atlantic.

En route, it winds through a scenic countryside of vineyards and Port quintas, sleepy villages and ancient towns, before passing underneath Oporto’s famous bridges. The river has only been fully navigable since the construction of a dam and lock system in the 1980s, and your Douro river cruise will be enhanced by the knowledge that you are still among a relatively privileged few to have seen the beauty of the Douro Valley from the river.

Douro Explorer
Eight visits and tours - Discover the riverside havens, Pinhão and Barca d’Alva - Cross into Spain and visit charming Vega de Terrón
  • 8 days from: £1879pp
  • 4 airports
  • 4 dates available
  • Jun 2020 - Aug 2021
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Lisbon & the Douro Explorer
Nine visits and tours - Four days to explore and enjoy the Portuguese capital - The riverside havens of the Douro, including Pinhão and Barca d’Alva
  • 11 days from: £2365pp
  • 2 airports
  • 1 date available
  • 21 June 2020
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A river cruise along the Douro will take you through a landscape lined with ripening vineyards and dotted with ancient villages, as Portugal’s most famous waterway meanders its gentle way across the Iberian Peninsula.

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