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Arctic Cruises

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Fjords, waterfalls, and breathtaking vistas; for picturesque, untamed beauty and fresh air in abundance, a cruise of the Arctic remains almost unmatched.

Awe-inspiring scenery is guaranteed on any visit to the Arctic. As the world's most northernmost region, this remote stretch of land based around the North Pole offers a unique sense of solitude and peacefulness. There is also an abundance of spectacular natural beauty on offer here, with everything from bubbling mud pools and lively geysers to snow-capped mountains and numerous powerful waterfalls.  

Encompassing parts of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Alaska, and Canada, the Arctic provides plenty in the way of diversity. A cruise of the Arctic is therefore a truly unforgettable experience, with the chance to explore a variety of landscapes. From the striking blue icebergs of Qaqortoq to the majestic Furebergfossen Waterfall, there are a wealth of amazing experiences along the way, including the opportunity to see the mystical and often elusive Northern Lights. 

A cruise of the arctic naturally lends itself very well to wildlife spotting, with the chance to catch a glimpse of whales, seals, manatees and a variety of bird species from the comfort of the boat. Of course, there is plenty of culture and heritage on offer too, with nearby cities, towns and villages providing attractions such as museums, historical landmarks and fascinating, diverse architecture. With stunning polar scenes, charming towns and a range of animal and plant life on display, Arctic cruises are sure to be equally beguiling to nature lovers, photography enthusiasts and those who are simply in search of a more tranquil holiday destination.  

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  • Experience Arctic Norway, enchanting wildlife and even the astounding Northern Lights
  • ‘take the reins’ as a Musher on an exhilarating husky sled adventure
  • Take in postcard-panoramas from Mount Aksla
  • 9 days from: £1199pp
  • Newcastle
  • Balmoral
  • 24 March 2022
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  • View Itinerary Map
  • Cross the Arctic Circle
  • Experience the Midnight Sun phenomenon
  • Sail through size-restricted Trollfjord and Nordfjorden
  • 10 days from: £1399pp
  • Newcastle
  • Balmoral
  • 06 June 2022
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Arctic Voyage to Greenland & Iceland Cruise 2022
  • Iceland, Greenland, United Kingdom, British Isles
  • Ambassador
  • View Itinerary Map
  • Our Frozen Planet Theme Cruise
  • Call at Reykjavik, the world’s most northerly capital
  • Head west across the Atlantic to vast Greenland, keeping an eye out for whales
  • 22 days from: £1799pp
  • Was: £2509pp
  • Tilbury
  • Ambience
  • 21 June 2022
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Rugged and Remote Spitsbergen
  • Norway
  • Fred.Olsen
  • View Itinerary Map
  • Be immersed in the stunning beauty and incredible history of eerie, rarely-visited towns in rugged Spitsbergen
  • Visit the North Cape; and see the astonishing Tuna, Nordenskiöldbreen and Black glaciers
  • 16 days from: £2899pp
  • Newcastle
  • Balmoral
  • 22 June 2022
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