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Jaipur Tours & Holidays

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Escorted tours of Jaipur

Also known as the Pink City, Jaipur is Rajasthan’s capital and a gateway to the cultural and natural delights of the vast state, while also being packed to the brim with attractions of its own.

One of the earliest examples of a planned city in India, there are countless sights to discover while wandering its maze-like streets, including the expansive City Palace of Jaipur, the iconic Hawa Mahal, and the lotus-like Jal Mahal, which sits in the centre of one of the city’s lakes.

With a Newmarket Holidays escorted tour of Jaipur, those aren’t the only highlights you’ll have the opportunity to explore. With imposing forts, gorgeous city parks, and the unmissable street food you’ll come to expect from every major city in India, there’ll be plenty for you to write home about. And that’s not even mentioning the opportunity to see some of India’s most iconic wild animals in their natural habitat, or the fact that you’re able to explore the other two unforgettable cities in India’s Golden Triangle with ease. A Jaipur holiday is the best of this incredible country in one small package - so make sure you take advantage of just what this unique city has to offer.

India - Tigers & the Taj Mahal
  • 4.58 (914 reviews)
  • India
  • 12 excursions included
  • 22 meals included
  • The magical sight of the Taj Mahal at sunrise
  • Searching for Ranthambore's tigers on two safaris
  • The astounding sights and sounds of New Delhi
Best seller
    • Flights Included
  • 10 days from: £1212pp
  • Was: £1515pp
  • 5 airports
  • 32 dates available
  • Sep 2022 - Nov 2023
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Kerala & India's Beautiful South
  • 4.46 (86 reviews)
  • India
  • 17 excursions included
  • 30 meals included
  • Mysore’s beautifully illuminated Maharaja’s Palace
  • An express train journey to Kochi
  • Visit the ancient battle-site at Srirangapatna
Best seller
    • Flights Included
  • 18 days from: £2053pp
  • Was: £2415pp
  • 2 airports
  • 14 dates available
  • Oct 2022 - Nov 2023
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India's Golden Triangle & Shimla
  • 4.55 (40 reviews)
  • India
  • 12 excursions included
  • 34 meals included
  • Watching the sun set (and rise) behind the Taj Mahal
  • Riding the "toy train" from Kandaghat to Shimla
  • Searching for Ranthambhore's tigers on two included safaris
Best seller
    • Flights Included
  • 14 days from: £2228pp
  • Was: £2345pp
  • 5 airports
  • 2 dates available
  • Oct 2022 - Nov 2022
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  • 1 excursion included
  • 32 meals included
  • Stay in luxurious heritage hotels in spectacular surroundings
  • Discover the sights of Delhi by rickshaw
  • Visit Agra's Fort and peerless Taj Mahal
Best seller
    • Flights Included
  • 16 days from: £2261pp
  • Was: £2379pp
  • 6 airports
  • 7 dates available
  • Nov 2022 - Nov 2023
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  • 14 excursions included
  • 31 meals included
  • A stay in Ranthambhore National Park, with two safaris
  • Witness the Palki ceremony at Amritsar’s Golden Temple
  • Sunset and sunrise visits to the immortal Taj Mahal
Best seller
    • Flights Included
  • 14 days from: £2371pp
  • Was: £2495pp
  • 1 airport
  • 2 dates available
  • Feb 2023 - Nov 2023
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Things to see in Jaipur

Jaipur tour highlights

Things to see and places to visit on your Jaipur tour.

Things to do in Jaipur

Food and drink in Jaipur

The intertwining histories of the Middle East and India is plain to see when it comes to this region's food.

And nowhere is the Mughal culinary influence more obvious than with Kabuli, a rice-based dish that’s a firm favourite in Jaipur. Most plates of this that you’ll get in the city have been turned into vegetarian versions of the Afghan original, but the depth of flavour remains just as strong.

No holiday to Jaipur would be complete without sampling the local favourite of dal, baati, and churma. The unique mix of yellow lentil curry, fried bread dipped in ghee, and porridge-like sweet treat is an explosion of flavours, and unlike anything else you’ll have tried.

Ghevar is a Rajasthani specialty, and the locals are fiercely proud of the sweet dish. Made from ghee, flour, and sugar syrup, and usually adorned with nuts, cardamom, and other spices, the disc-shaped dessert is everywhere on the streets of Jaipur, so make sure you grab a piece (or four.)


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